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TEESNet_2017_Schools_Flyer Page1TEESNet Annual Conference 2017

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Real:

The Role of Teacher Education in Promoting Quality Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education in Schools

The 10th annual TEESNet conference took place on 14th September 2017 at Liverpool Hope University. We welcomed 100 individuals from universities, schools, NGOs and more to Liverpool, including delegates from Finland, Switzerland, Malta, Norway and Holland!

The conference explored the theme of quality education in relation to ESD/GCE in Teacher Education and schools, in local, national and global contexts. The event was attended by over 90 researchers, teachers, representatives from non government organisations and policy makers from the UK and beyond. An overview of conference highlights is in the following blog by Harriet Marshall, one of our keynote speakers –

Links to presentation and workshop slides can be found below.

Irmeli Halinen – Sustainability of Education-Education for Sustainable Development

Alison Bellwood & Harriet Marshall

Phil Bamber – A Review of Teacher Education for ESD-GCED Across the 4 Nations of the UK and Europe

Rona Bronwin – ‘It is now for us to run with it and we are ready.’ Expanding Teachers’ Capabilities; pedagogy, language and gender in Northern Ghana

Susan Bush – Why We Teach the SDGs and How

Helen Clarke and Sharon Witt – Solent spaces-Fostering a Relational Approach to Education for Sustainable Development

Rosalind Duke – Restorative Practice-modelling key skills for peace

Joyce Hallam – Possible and Practical Ways to Ensure That the SDGs are Embedded in the School Curriculum and Seen as Relevant

Ron Johnston – The Role of Textbook Authors in Achieving SDG Target 4.7-Embedding ESD into Core Subject Texts

Kate Jones – How Can the SDGs Enhance Youth Led Active Citizenship

Betsy King – Learning for Sustainability-Making the UN SDGs Real Through Connecting Classrooms

ELena Lengthorn – Localising the SDGs in ITE at the University of Worcester

Tuva S Nodeland & Asmund Aamaas – Local and Global Challenges in a Nordic Context-working with teacher education students in the SPICA network

Opeyemi Osadiya & Paulette Luff – Putting Educators at the Heart of ‘Quality’ in Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development

John Patterson, Colleen Loomis, D Brigden, Alison Patterson, Jeremy Barnes – LITTLE STORIES and BIG PICTURES

Vikki Pendry – A New Curriculum for South Sudan

Vikki Pendry – We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands?

Mariella Scott – Enabling Sustainability Through Quality Teaching and Learning in Zanzibar

Mary Stevenson, Helen Gadsby, Julie Collins, Maria Herrera – Teaching in Poland-An ITE Initiative to Develop Skills in Meeting the Needs of EAL Learners

Paul Vare, Rick Millican & Gerben de Vries – A Rounder Sense of Purpose-Towards a Pedagogy of Transformation

Debbie Watson & Katie Carr – Whose SDGs? Some challenging considerations underlying effective teaching and learning

Our colleague Stephen England from The Art of Sustainability wrote AoS ESDGC 2017 following the conference.

TEESNet Logos 2017

TEESNet Annual Conference 2016 FLYER PAGE 1

Measuring What’s Valuable or Valuing What’s Measurable?

Monitoring and Evaluation in Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC)

TEESNet 2016 took place on the 21st September at Liverpool Hope University. With a range of relevant and stimulating presentations and keynote speeches, the conference brought together academics and researchers, teachers and NGOs to explore opportunities and challenges in monitoring and evaluation of education that supports people in leading fulfilling lives in a changing, globalised world. This year’s theme was a response to growing interest in monitoring and evaluation in ESDGC. We also provided opportunities to explore the values underpinning education policy and practice for ESDGC  and provide a forum to debate the proposed PISA assessment of global competencies and UNESCO’s education goals post 2015.

Copies of all TEESNet 2016 presentations will soon be available. See below for links:

Key Speakers:  

Dr. Annette Scheunpflug. Dr Scheunpflug is chair of educational research at the Otto-Friedrich- University of Bamberg, Germany.  She works in the field of Global Education and Education for sustainability, Educational Anthropology and epistemological questions of education. Annette Scheunpflug – Keynote – Measuring global competencies – implications and critique

 Michael Stevenson, Senior Advisor, PISA. His responsibilities include the strategic development of the PISA survey, strategic communications and support to education ministers around the world. Michael is leading the development of the content for Future of Education and Skills: an OECD Framework for 2030.  He also founded the Global Education Leaders Program, which he co-chaired with the Gates Foundation. Michael Stevenson – Keynote – PISA and global competence

Harm-Jan Fricke is a former secondary school teacher who, for the past 15 years, has worked as an independent consultant in Development Education and Global Learning. Most of his work relates to facilitating learning and development events to do with designing curriculum projects, project implementation and evaluation, and organisational development. Harm-Jan Fricke – Ketnote – On reflection, what’s of value to you

Alison Huntley – Critical Reflective Practice in the context of GC and ESD

Angela Daly & Julie Brown – Results, results, results seeking spaces for learning in a global learning and STEM project

Asli Kandemir – Can global citizenship education combat radicalisation

Douglas Bourn – Student Volunteering & Global Citizenship Dr Gerard McCann – Maintaining the Values Brexit, ESDGC and the European Union’s DEAR strategy

Dr Zoi Nikiforidou, Zoe Lavin-Miles & Dr Paulette Luff – Rating ESD in Early Years

Elena Lengthorn – Eco-schools A golden thread for ESDGC

Fran Hunt & John McLaverty – Monitoring the Schools for Future Youth project

Dr Gerard McCann – Maintaining the Values Brexit, ESDGC and the European Union’s DEAR strategy

Jane Acton – Learning more about ESDGC from our margins

Katie Carr & Leander Bindewald – Zero is where the real fun starts, evaluation for value(s) co-production

Dr Philip Bamber – A Comparative Review of Police and Practice for ESDGC in Teacher Education Across the 4 Nations of the UK

Rob Bowden – The value(s) of global competencies, learning as a living contradiction

Vikki Pendry – Global data for teaching and learning in mathematics


The Curriculum Foundation – A world class curriculum – Embracing Student Competencies

Alia Alzougbi – How do we know it’s working

TEESNet Annual Conference 2015

From Curriculum Makers to World Shapers: Building Capacities of Educators for a Just and Sustainable World

Follow this link for the full TEESNet 2015 Conference Proceedings Full Report


This conference built on the 2014 theme of ‘The Role of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in a Meaningful Curriculum’ It sought to address a priority action area in UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on ESD and the ‘global call for more and better global citizenship education’, to focus on the knowledge, skills and values required by educators to make this vision for the curriculum a reality. 

***We apologise but presentation and other links from 2015 and earlier may no longer work***

Keynote speakers: 

Dr Tom Harrison, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, England

Joyce Hallam, Headteacher at Hawkshead Esthwaite Primary

Cathryn Gathercole,  Director of Tide ~ Global Learning and co-author of a DEEEP report Monitoring Education for Global Citizenship: A Contribution to DebateMonitoring Education for Global Citizenship: A Contribution to Debate

Conference Resources:

Tom Harrison – Universal Virtues for Universal Purpose.pdf

Joyce Hallam – Making Your Curriculum a Global Curriculum. This link takes you to the web site of Hawkshead Esthwaite primary school where you can find Joyce’s powerpoint for TEESNet 2015

Cathryn Gathercole – Education for Global Citizenship: Opportunities for Capturing Learning

Dr Silvana Birchenough, Dr Maria Da-Costa and Dr Susana Lincoln – Understanding Ocean Acidification Effects: Bringing Science Evidence Through Education.pdf

Dr Helen Clarke and Sharon Witt – The Vortex of the Possible – Humanness, Hope and Curriculum Making as a Way of Being.pdf

Alison Huntley and Adam Ranson – World Class Teaching.pdf

Stuart Mitchell and Dr Bastian Pelka – Mind the (Digitl) Gap! Exploring the Educational Potential that Social Media Offers Teachers in Bridging Their Learners’ Skills and Knowledge in Creating a Just and Sustainable World .pdf

Dr Zoe Nikiforidou, Zoe Miles and Dr Paulette Luff – Bat Conservation in the Foundation Stage, An Early Start to Education for Sustainabillity .pdf

Dr John Patterson – ‘Education and Enterprise’ Village, Supporting Visually Impaired Learner Locally, Nationally and Internationally through Values Education and Service Learning.pdf

Dr Stephen Scoffham – In Search of Core Values.pdf#

Jen Simpson – Learning to Unlearn: Moving Educators from a Charity Mentality Towards a Social Justice Mentality.pdf

Marta Sykut and Elzbieta Krawczyk – World-Class Teaching, Values – Attitudes – Skills: Coherent Global Education Framework in Addressing School Reality in Poland pdf

Yoke-Eng Tang – Teaching Business and Sustainability to Undergraduate Students, Paradoxes and Challenges .pdf


TEESNet 7th Annual Conference 10th July 2014

Moving from the Edge to the Centre: The Role of Education for Sustainable Development/Global Citizenship in a Meaningful Curriculum

Follow this link for the full TEESNET 2014 Conference Proceedings Full Report


This conference explored the role of ESD/GC in contributing towards a meaningful curriculum, both in teacher education and schools. It sought to examine what is meant by a meaningful curriculum and evidence of ESD/GC’s movement towards a central role, drawing on latest research and examples from different educational contexts both in the UK and internationally.

Keynote speakers:

Dr Neda Forhghani-Arani,  University of Vienna.

What is involved and what is at stake in teaching for Global Citizenship within national curriculum frameworks in the transnational and transcultural space of classrooms with diverse students? In an attempt to move beyond the frame of catalogues and criteria of teachers’ diversity, ESD and GC competencies, I set out to explore the experience of teaching in culturally, ethnically, nationally and linguistically heterogeneous classrooms characterized by transnational migration, in terms of practical wisdom, judgment and tact. 

Graham Johnston, HMI Education Scotland, with Betsy King, Learning for Sustainability Scotland

Teaching for sustainability – why it should be at the core? An aspiration within Scotland is to embed learning for sustainability at the core of what teachers and educators do. We have a proud tradition, but how do we maintain and develop this further? Education Scotland sees this as an important question and, working with partners, is supporting delivery of that aspiration.

Conference Presentations:

Neda Forghani-Arani

Global Learning Programme England – Doug Bourn

Conference Evaluation Report

Ideas for practice, research and policy

Conference article in ‘eg’ magazine


TEESNet 6th Annual Conference July 2013

Changing times: changing knowledge and pedagogy for ESD/GC

Conference Papers:


Conference Presentations:


TEESNet Annual Conference 2012

Conference Presentations:

Conference Papers:


The UK ITE Network for ESD/GC
Fifth Annual Conference

2 July 2012

2012 CCCI Booking Form
2012 Conference Programme 
2012 Paper Guidelines 
Call For Papers



UK Network Conference 2011

Keynote Speakers:

  • Hilary Benn, MP
  • Professor Charles Hopkins, UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Teacher Education towards Sustainability

Conference Presentations:

Conference Papers:



UK Network Conference 2010

Conference Presentations:

UK Network Conference 2009

Developing a critical perspective on ESD/GC in ITE



UK Network Conference 2008

Conference Presentations: