Compass Report

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Northern Ireland:

Schools for the Future – A policy for sustainable schools (January 2009) 

Statutory Requirements – Learning for Life and Work: Local and Global Citizenship

The Global Dimension in the Curriculum – Northern Ireland provides key concepts of Global Citizenship, educational context and stages of education in Northern Ireland.

Some common concepts are explained with regard to global dimensions.

Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review is a journal on global education.


In May 2006, Sustainable Development: A Review of International Literature was published. A chapter of particular interest to the Network may be Chapter 10: Education for Sustainable Development.

It refers to:

  • European efforts, including the Talloires Declaration for Higher Education (HE) found here
  • The Education for All commitment made by The World Education Forum (Dakar, Senegal, April 2000)
  • Global Higher Education for Sustainability Partnership (GHESP) (UNESA, 2002), which can be explored further here
  • UN General Assembly’s  National Strategies for Sustainable Development (NSSD) and Agenda 21, which outlines a plan of action for global, national and local organisations
  • Sustainable Development Strategies with pdf versions of the resources available here; and

Other relevant information can be found on Sustainable Development, including the Sustainable Action Fund, which supports research, projects and other endeavours; speeches; and publications.

Scotland’s Action Plan for the Second Half of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2010)

The Scottish Government website also provides a large number of links to SD organisations, resources, awards and other useful information. Among the links on the website is one to the Sustainable Development Commission which highlights SD news and has further links to resources.

Additionally, there is information on teacher education and continuous professional development (CPD) in Scotland.

UCCCfS highlights Scotland’s Higher Education (HE) aims and links to a framework and guidelines for HE institutions to use to create a Climate Change Action Plan.

The Global Dimension in the Curriculum – Scotland provides key concepts of Global Citizenship and educational context in Scotland.

Information is available about Oxfam’s policy work in Scotland.



Teacher educators or researchers may be interested in this part of the WAGwebsite linking to templates and guidance as well as these:

A Strategy for Action (September 2006) was created to guide the agenda between 2006-2009 and may be a useful reference point. Updates:

In the Further Education Sector in Wales (September 2008) – This document outlines ESDGC in FE, the potential benefits of embedding it in the curriculum and some case studies of institutions already emphasising ESDGC.

A Common Understanding for Schools (July 2008) has useful information for the delivery of ESDGC in Schools.

The Global Dimension in the Curriculum – Wales
 provides key concepts of Global Citizenship, educational context and subjects of education in Wales.

The LLUK briefly outlines and links to an Application Guide (July 2009) aiming to help embed ESDGC in the lifelong learning sector in Wales.

Bridgend Environmental Education and Sustainability Partnership

BEES has useful documents for school guidance and examples of school ESDGC policies.

Guidance for secondary schools in Wales can be found in the Education for Global Citizenship: A Map for Curriculum Planners (May 2005).

Estyn has published the following documents which may be of use in understanding their expectations for ESDGC in Wales:

Information is available about Oxfam’s policy work in Wales.

Links to further resources:

UNESCO Report on GCE