The OSIER project (Open Sustainability in Education Resource) is concerned with the open sharing of resources for the teaching of sustainable development and global citizenship. It forms part of the second round of the HEFCE-funded UK OER programme, administered jointly by the Higher Education Academy and the Joint Information Systems Committee.

With its academic partners, OSIER has built an online repository containing a large body of teaching and support resources to help with the sustainability and citizenship curricula in all four nations of the UK. The repository is open for all users, both to access materials and for submission of new resources. All materials are fully accessible and re-usable, and made available under a Creative Commons licence.


Education for Sustainable Development through Drama

The resource is submitted by Marie Jeanne Mc Naughton from Strathclyde University and is a pwer point presentation demonstrating the rationale for using drama as a medium to explore ESD issues. Useful for teacher educators in any subject or phase.

Education Sustainability through Drama

Sustainable Development and Climate Change

A course guide about global learning for teacher educators of undergraduate students. It is authored by Andrea Bullivant for the Undergraduate teaching programme at Liverpool Hope University, England and has a multi-dimensional ESD dimension and offers an interdisciplinary topic.  This ‘Wider Perspectives’ modules received commendation in the 2011 Ofsted inspection at Liverpool Hope University.

Action Learning Presentation

Future is due

A bank of images to support the ‘Future is due’ workshop, suitable for schools, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching put together by Alison Glover and Tatiana  Diniz. Can be used forGeography/History, Social Science/Psychology, PSHE/PDMU/Citizenship, Citizenship/Global Citizenship, Interdisciplinary topic.

Future is due: diamond ranking cards

Future is due workshop

Sustainable Development and Climate Change: The Geography of Global Development 

Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Submissions from St Mary’s University College, Twickenham

Project Summery

Introduction to a Cross Curricular Project


Rights of the Child

Rainforests: What do they mean to us?