TEESNet 2017

TEESNet_2017_Schools_Flyer Page1Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network (TEESNet)

Tenth Annual Conference

14th September 2017, Liverpool Hope University

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Real:

The Role of Teacher Education in Promoting Quality Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education in Schools

The 10th annual TEESNet conference  welcomed 100 individuals from universities, schools, NGOs and more to Liverpool, including delegates from Finland, Switzerland, Malta, Norway and Holland!

The conference explored the theme of quality education in relation to ESD/GCE in Teacher Education and schools, in local, national and global contexts. The event was attended by over 90 researchers, teachers, representatives from non government organisations and policy makers from the UK and beyond. An overview of conference highlights is in the following blog by Harriet Marshall, one of our keynote speakers – https://www.harrietmarshall.com/single-post/Global-Goals-Week-TEESNet-2017-and-Sustainabeing

Links to presentation and workshop slides can be found below.

Irmeli Halinen – Sustainability of Education-Education for Sustainable Development

Alison Bellwood & Harriet Marshall

Phil Bamber – A Review of Teacher Education for ESD-GCED Across the 4 Nations of the UK and Europe

Rona Bronwin – ‘It is now for us to run with it and we are ready.’ Expanding Teachers’ Capabilities; pedagogy, language and gender in Northern Ghana

Susan Bush – Why We Teach the SDGs and How

Helen Clarke and Sharon Witt – Solent spaces-Fostering a Relational Approach to Education for Sustainable Development

Rosalind Duke – Restorative Practice-modelling key skills for peace

Joyce Hallam – Possible and Practical Ways to Ensure That the SDGs are Embedded in the School Curriculum and Seen as Relevant

Ron Johnston – The Role of Textbook Authors in Achieving SDG Target 4.7-Embedding ESD into Core Subject Texts

Kate Jones – How Can the SDGs Enhance Youth Led Active Citizenship

Betsy King – Learning for Sustainability-Making the UN SDGs Real Through Connecting Classrooms

ELena Lengthorn – Localising the SDGs in ITE at the University of Worcester

Tuva S Nodeland & Asmund Aamaas – Local and Global Challenges in a Nordic Context-working with teacher education students in the SPICA network

Opeyemi Osadiya & Paulette Luff – Putting Educators at the Heart of ‘Quality’ in Early Childhood Education for Sustainable Development

John Patterson, Colleen Loomis, D Brigden, Alison Patterson, Jeremy Barnes – LITTLE STORIES and BIG PICTURES

Vikki Pendry – A New Curriculum for South Sudan

Vikki Pendry – We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands?

Mariella Scott – Enabling Sustainability Through Quality Teaching and Learning in Zanzibar

Mary Stevenson, Helen Gadsby, Julie Collins, Maria Herrera – Teaching in Poland-An ITE Initiative to Develop Skills in Meeting the Needs of EAL Learners

Paul Vare, Rick Millican & Gerben de Vries – A Rounder Sense of Purpose-Towards a Pedagogy of Transformation

Debbie Watson & Katie Carr – Whose SDGs? Some challenging considerations underlying effective teaching and learning



Our colleague Stephen England from The Art of Sustainability wrote AoS ESDGC 2017 following the conference.

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